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A Canada/New Brunswick Growing Forward 2 funding program to encourage the growth, profitability, sustainability and self-sufficiency of New Brunswick’s agriculture, agri-food and agri-product sectors through innovative research and development projects; on-farm demonstration trials; pre-commercialization development activities; on-farm innovation; and adoption of new technologies.

Program funding is provided by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada and this Department. Program ends March 31, 2018.


Non-government organizations, institutions, academic institutions, agri-businesses (working with primary products), agriculture producers and/or agriculture producers associations and other individuals or groups involved in: research and/or innovation; or new agri-product, practice or process development; on-fram demonstration trials; or adaptation and evaluation of new on-farm technologies with the potential to improve the growth, prosperity and profitability of New Brunswick’s agriculture, agri-food and agri-product sectors.


Program Elements considered for funding:

I. Innovative Research and Development
a) Projects which address gaps in scientific knowledge which target new innovation opportunities.

b) Industry-led research and development projects which can improve profitability, competitiveness, sustainability and self sufficiency of the agriculture, agri-food and agri-product sectors in New Brunswick.

c) Support for innovation positions at the graduate level or higher (Highly Qualified People (HQP)) for strategic research in Bio-Science as related to agricultural products and/or agri-food processing by-products

II. Accelerating Agricultural Innovation
a) Activities required to move knowledge gained from research along the innovation continuum through to the pre-commercialization or pre-adoption phase in support of the development of new agri-products, processes or practices. Activities to resolve pre- commercialization issues are eligible (ie proof of concept, product design, bench tests, pilot projects, product testing, prototyping), as well as associated pre-commercialization business development requirements (ie market studies/analysis, business plans, IP, feasibility studies etc).

b) Activities that trigger the development of economic linkages with commercialization partners to broker or develop new value-chains.

c) Demonstration trials to accelerate technology transfer of techniques or practices that will be of benefit to New Brunswick farmers.

III. New Innovative Technology
a) Supporting early adopters of new technologies or practices to assess their effectiveness in New Brunswick. Eligible technical innovations and practices will be new, not generally available, or not widely adopted in a given region or sector. In order to be considered for funding a strong formal evaluation and communication plan must be part of the project.

b) Supporting investments in the development or adaptation of technical innovations on-farm, which contribute to on-farm profitability and competitiveness. Innovations could be developed by farmers or groups of farmers, or could be sourced from domestic or international science or technology developers and adapted to the New Brunswick context. In order to be considered for funding a strong formal evaluation and communication plan must be part of the project.

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