Government of New Brunswick

Too many youths and adults cannot read and write well enough. They do not do as well in school as they should. They have a hard time getting a job.

Several studies show that New Brunswick is not making enough headway to improve literacy. New Brunswick continues to do worse than the national average.

The Early Years Evaluation – Direct Assessment reveals that up to 30 per cent of young children are having difficulty when assessed in some areas important to reading and writing skills.

Provincial reading assessments show that although there have been significant improvements since the government’s early literacy initiative began in 2003, a recent trend shows decreases in overall provincial reading results at the end of Grade 2.

Canada-wide assessments show that with the exception of Manitoba, New Brunswick Grade 8 students lag behind their Canadian counterparts in reading.

The average adult literacy score in Canada and New Brunswick is at level two. One in five New Brunswickers (18.5 per cent) have literacy levels that are below the average. Most individuals among this group do not have a high school diploma.