Government of New Brunswick

New Brunswick Influenza Activity

In New Brunswick, influenza activity continues to increase.

Total Influenza Cases
August 27, 2017 to January 13, 2018


Influenza A 


Influenza B


Total Hospitalizations*


Total ICU Admissions Associated with Influenza*


Total Deaths Associated with Influenza*


  • The predominant strain last influenza season was influenza A(H3N2).
  • It is important to remember that there are flu related hospitalizations and deaths every flu season, due to various virus strains.
  • The best way to prevent flu is to get the flu shot. Publicly funded influenza vaccine is still available to eligible groups.

*Hospitalizations (including ICU admissions) and Deaths are influenza associated, they may or may not be due to influenza.

**It should be noted that out of the 150 hospitalizations, 21 were related to nosocomial outbreaks where patients were admitted at least 48 hours before influenza symptoms.

This webpage will be updated every Thursday during peak influenza season.

For detailed reports on influenza surveillance please visit “Influenza Surveillance Reports“ under Related Links.