Government of New Brunswick

Parlee Beach is a major tourism draw for New Brunswick and one of North America’s finest beaches. Government is committed to ensuring the safety of New Brunswick residents and visitors by enhancing public communication about water quality results as well as addressing the ongoing water quality issues at Parlee Beach and in the Shediac Bay Watershed as a whole.

A new water monitoring protocol that follows federal guidelines is being adopted for Parlee Beach beginning this summer. All the requirements in the protocol are in accordance with the Guidelines for Canadian Recreational Water Quality, and include provisions that will ensure:

  • increased monitoring frequency and locations (samples will be taken daily from five locations);
  • training and sample collection is overseen by the Department of Environment and Local Government;
  • Public Health will receive and interpret the monitoring results;
  • signs are posted to clearly indicate whether the water is suitable for swimming, or whether a no-swimming advisory or beach closure is in effect;
  • auditing of the signage and advisories by Public Health; and
  • monitoring results and any public health advisories will be posted online.

As well, the provincial and federal governments are investing up to $3 million in strategic infrastructure and studies to support water quality improvements at Parlee Beach.

Some of the projects being undertaken include:

  • an investment to upgrade the Parlee Beach Provincial Park sewage lift station;
  • upgrading two pump-out stations for boats to empty their holding tanks;
  • education and enforcement of responsible dog care at the beach;
  • installation of buoys farther from the swimming area;
  • upgrades to the Murray Beach sewage lagoon; and
  • an investment of 828,000 dollars through the federal Gas Tax Fund to allow the Greater Shediac Sewerage Commission to do some wastewater infrastructure upgrades in Pointe-du-Chêne.

Parlee Beach is also being declared as a unique feature of the environment. The declaration means developments that could affect the water quality at Parlee Beach will require an automatic review by the Department of Environment and Local Government to determine if an Environmental Impact Assessment is required.

Protecting the health of the public is a priority for government. That is why we are taking action to ensure the safety of New Brunswick residents and visitor