Government of New Brunswick


Growing Innovators

Strategic Focus Action Items
Ensuring students are graduating grade 12 with innovation skills Ensure students graduate grade 12 with innovation skills.
Growing a culture of innovation in New Brunswick Expand Innovation Week celebrations to increase New Brunswickers’ awareness of and confidence in our history and future as innovators.

Boosting R&D

Strategic Focus Action Items
Developing R&D and innovation support mechanisms Work together with the major players to explore consolidation of our R&D and innovation support mechanisms.
Boosting post-secondary led research and graduate students Use targeted investments by government in post-secondary institutions to grow and scale graduate programs.
Boosting industrial and federal government R&D expenditures Use targeted R&D investment by government to leverage private sector research and creation of commercialization ideas.
Developing a productivity and competitiveness agenda Partner with industry and academia to explore ways to boost productivity and enhance technology adoption by New Brunswick businesses.

Fostering Commercialization, Start-ups and Growth

Strategic Focus Action Items
Fostering more commercialization Increase the number of researchers and entrepreneurs accessing funding, mentoring and market development services.
Supporting and advancing the start-up ecosystem Ensure that our support for the start-up ecosystem is leading to more globally focused entrepreneurs.
Growing and attracting high-potential entrepreneurs Boost our efforts to attract and grow potential high-growth entrepreneurs.

Supporting Innovation Labs

Strategic Focus Action Items
Fostering new economic and social innovation models Provide support to social innovation labs and social entrepreneurs to allow them to build capacity and implement solutions.
Investing in innovation-enabling infrastructure Increase investments in strategic innovation infrastructure.

Becoming a Smart Province

Strategic Focus Action Items
Embracing open data Establish a shared Open Data portal and release data sets rapidly and regularly.
Using IT to better connect residents to their government Establish a single, secure digital ID for citizens.
Expanding the number of online government services Support the growth of participation in the nb+ digital lab.