Government of New Brunswick


Ensuring fluid capital markets

Strategic Focus Action Items
Ensuring companies large and small have access to a range of growth-financing options Better promote New Brunswick firms to national and international venture capital firms.
Developing a measure to assess the quality of ac­cess to capital Work with the Financial and Consumer Services Commission to broaden the data in their annual report on access to capital.

Implementing a new model for government investments at the company level

Strategic Focus Action Items
Establishing a more strategic role for government to encourage company-level investment Foster more private growth capital over govern­ment grants and loans for financial support to industry.
Ensuring that the provincial government’s invest­ments in companies provides a solid return on investment (ROI) for the taxpayer Ensure a tax-based return on investment when public dollars are invested at the company-level.
Encourage more private investment at the firm level Ensure a tax and regulatory environment that en­courages investment between companies here and those in international markets.

Fostering competitive government controlled business costs

The government is committed to ensuring that the business input costs it influences or controls remain competitive to encourage private-sector investment. This includes business taxes. We are committed to provide stability and predictability in tax policy. We have already made several important business tax policy decisions that will help grow the economy.

Strategic Focus Action Items
Working to ensure competitive government influ­enced or controlled business costs such as energy, taxes, fees, public land, royalties, etc. Benchmark our government influenced or con­trolled cost environment with peer jurisdictions.
Ensuring New Brunswick has a competitive busi­ness tax environment. Review all tax credit programs to ensure they have a positive effect on growth.