Government of New Brunswick


Modernizing government regulation and process

Strategic Focus Action Items
Leveraging procurement Implement improved procurement tactics
Cutting red tape Modernize regulations to reduce complexity, over-reach, obscurity and inflexibility.
Harmonizing regulations with other provinces Continue to partner with Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island to harmonize more regulations to benefit businesses working across jurisdictions
Ensuring timely decision making Streamline processes to allow for timely decision making
Buying local and investing local Build a buy-local bias into procurement processes.
Continue to offer and improve tools for New Bruns­wickers to invest in local companies

Enhancing strategic trade policies

We will ensure our entrepreneurs can get their goods and services to customers, wherever they may be, under trade agreements that promote fairness, competitive­ness, access and transparency. We will work to reduce tariffs and trade barriers in partnership with the federal government and our provincial counterparts to open up as many global markets as possible.

Strategic Focus Action Items
Fostering stronger interprovincial trade Work with other provinces to ensure that our companies face limited barriers when accessing external markets.
Opening up new international markets Develop specific export opportunities in global markets.
Ensuring international trade agreements reflect New Brunswick’s priorities Ensuring entrepreneurs are aware of the advan­tages of current and new trade agreements.