Government of New Brunswick

provide the opportunity to influence decisions that shape the quality of life for all New Brunswickers. Participation is one of the most effective ways citizens can contribute and have an active role in decisions that impact our communities.

No matter what cause is of interest to you, or what area you want to get involved in, there's an ABC for you!



Are you concerned about your community?

Consider getting involved with:



Are you interested in helping build stronger education systems?

Consider getting involved with:



Do you want to get involved in creating a
healthier NB?

Consider getting involved with:



Are you concerned about jobs and innovation?

Consider getting involved with:


Do you aspire to make NB the best place for families?

Consider getting involved with:



Click here for a full list of ABCs to consider.


The role, responsibilities and time required varies. Board appointments also vary; typically members are asked to serve terms ranging from two to five years.

In general board members are expected to:

  • Be well prepared to attend all board meetings by reading all materials provided
  • Be familiar with the issues affecting the board
  • Make well informed recommendations on board items 
  • Actively participate in board discussions and business
  • Contribute real-life experience (own or on behalf of New Brunswickers), to inform the
    board’s work.