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Advancing Agri-Food Processing  
Agri-Food Market Development Program    
Agri-Industry Development & Advancement   
Agricultural Insurance  
Agriculture Direct Loans  
Agriculture Loan Guarantees  
AgriInvest Program   
AgriStability Program   
Apple Industry Development Program  
Aquaculture Licence - Commercial
Aquaculture Licence - Institutional
Aquaculture Licence - Private
Aquaculture Loans and Loan Guarantees  
Atlantic Agriculture Research and Innovation Initiative  
Beekeeper Registration  
Canadian Potato Variety Repository (AA) 
Cranberry Industry Development Program  
Crop Development   
Crown Lands - Lease and Permit for Aquaculture Purposes
Crown Lands - Lease for Agricultural Purposes (other than blueberry)
Dairy Lab Testing 
Dairy Licences 
Enabling Agricultural Research and Innovation   
Environmentally Sustainable Agriculture  
Farm Business Registry