The Department of Tourism, Heritage and Culture will focus on the development, preservation and promotion of New Brunswick by building on its rich base of natural, cultural and heritage assets.

To generate economic prosperity for New Brunswick
through responsible promotion and development of year-round
tourism activities while maintaining the
environmental and cultural integrity of the province.

Generate economic prosperity for New Brunswick through responsible promotion and development of tourism-related activities while maintaining the environmental and cultural integrity of the province.

The Communications Division is responsible for
informing the public of tourism activities in the province
through ongoing relations with the media and the public.
The staff ensures that the Department's message reaches
the public through the various media. The Branch
coordinates the Department's communications activities
and advises senior officials on communications-related

The mandate of the Cultural Development Branch is to facilitate community cultural development in New Brunswick by providing leadership in the development, implementation and monitoring of government policies, strategies, initiatives and programs supporting the arts.

The Branch supports arts organizations, associations, community groups and cultural industries (music, book publishing and fine craft).

The Branch also manages the New Brunswick Art Bank which ensures a record of excellence in the visual arts by acquiring works of art created by New Brunswick artists.

The Branch works closely with the New Brunswick Arts Board to ensure that programs of both organizations are conducive to the advancement of the arts and professional artists in New Brunswick. The Branch is also cooperating on an Atlantic cultural strategy that will encourage the sharing of resources and promote joint initiatives.

In an effort to ensure the growth of the cultural sector and continued awareness of the arts, the Branch partners with other government departments and agencies to collaborate on arts-related activities such as arts education programs, cultural tourism strategies and cultural agreements.

In keeping with the Cultural Policy for New Brunswick, the Branch continues to developed new initiatives to further support community cultural development, arts organizations, arts associations and cultural industries.

The mandate of the Heritage Branch is to coordinate and support those activities in the Province designed to promote heritage awareness and to protect and preserve heritage resources by:

- Providing financial, planning and technical assistance and leadership to the Province's archaeological, aboriginal, heritage and museum communities.

- Developing the provincial policy and legislative framework for the protection and preservation of heritage assets, including archaeological resources.

- Encouraging and assisting local governments, organizations in the not-for-profit and private sectors, as well as individuals, in identifying, preserving and developing heritage resources.

- Maintaining and promoting the use of provincial heritage databases, and coordinating cultural resource management through administration of provincial legislation, including archaeological licensing, participation in environmental screening, and land use policy and planning.

- Providing co-ordination and direction for the promotion of culture and heritage through research, exhibitions, site commemorations, cultural tourism initiatives, Heritage Week, Heritage Fairs, and Web Site development.

- Operating, for the benefit of the general public, a number of significant provincial historic sites as living museums and maintaining the provincial artefact collection to support this program.

- Ensuring the management of toponomy, which consists of existing official geographical names (places and geographical features) and the nomination program for new names and changes to existing names.

Larry's Gulch Lodge continues its role of offering an
ideal setting for government and private sector to discuss
economic development opportunities for New

The objective of the Village Historique Acadien is to
preserve and develop New Brunswick's culture and
artistic creativity, and to operate the Village as a living
museum that interprets the daily lives of Acadians
between 1770 and 1939.

Kings Landing Corporation (KLC), established under the Kings Landing Corporation Act, is a Crown Corporation with a legislated mandate to:

Develop and offer curriculum based, participatory, educational experiences for school children, and to collaborate with post-secondary institutions in the study and research of material history, heritage and culture as it pertains to 19th century New Brunswick.

Created over a period from 1967 to 1974, Kings Landing Corporation operates Kings Landing Historical Settlement, a world-class living history museum depicting and interpreting life in rural New Brunswick from the 18th century to the 20th century. In almost 40 years, over 3 million visitors have come to experience history come to life within a 300 acre site and a priceless collection of artifacts.

The mandate of The New Brunswick Museum, a crown agency, is to research, collect, preserve and interpret the natural and human history of New Brunswick. This is achieved by:

- Operating a major exhibition facility;

- Developing permanent, travelling and changing temporary exhibitions, and activities, programs and other support for diverse audiences;

- Developing and offering enriching curriculum-based school programs;

- Participating in regional,national and international data information programs, advisory groups and cultural activities;

- Collaborating with post-secondary institutions for the development of programs for the cultural sector through traditional methods and new technology, and for opportunities for advanced research;

- Contributing to leadership and stewardship of cultural resources under the direct control of the province.