To provide management and administrative support to the Commission in the monitoring of commodity boards under the provisions of the Natural Products Act.

To promote the production and marketing of grain and establish and maintain standards of quality for grain and grain handling to ensure a dependable commodity for markets. The Commission operates under the authority of the New Brunswick Grain Act.

To provide farmers with insurance protection against production losses caused by natural hazards beyond their control through the Canada / New Brunswick Agricultural Insurance Program.

To develop and implement a total development approach for the agriculture, aquaculture, fisheries and value-added sectors. This approach aims at improving the economic competitiveness and sustainable development of these sectors and related industries.

To manage activities related to the Department’s external communication. The Branch’s responsibilities include: 1) Providing advice to the minister and senior managers on communications issues; 2) Developing communication strategies; 3) Managing media and public relations; and 4) Promoting the Department’s initiatives to the public.

To provide direction and administrative support in matters of human resources, accounting, budgeting, financial control and information technology and communication services to support the continued development of the agriculture, fisheries and aquaculture sectors.

To facilitate the efficient use of the financial resources available to deliver departmental programs.

To provide financial assistance to the agriculture, aquaculture and fisheries industries under various funding programs.

To manage leasing and licensing activities under various departmental Acts. The Branch also administers the province’s Marine Service Centres.

To coordinate industry financial programs and regulatory functions; develop and implement policies and strategies to support competitive agriculture, aquaculture and fisheries sectors.

Tp provide strategic direction, services and programs in support of value-added food and market development.

To provide expertise in the areas of inter-jurisdictional coordination, strategic planning, legislation and policy and program development.

To provide strategic direction, targeted programs and services in support of economic development opportunities related to the agriculture sectors.

To provide services and programs focused on maintaining livestock and aquatic animal health, as well as food safety and quality awareness and implementation. This includes veterinary field services complemented by specialized in-clinic and laboratory diagnostic services.

To deliver programs and services through offices in Fredericton, Sussex and Moncton. This Branch is also responsible for the maintenance of the marshland protection systems.

To provide specialist advice and services to industry.

To support the seafood sector to be innovative, competitive, market-diversified and sustainable on a global scale.

To deliver programs and services to the agriculture and aquaculture sectors through offices in Bathurst, Tracadie-Sheila, and Shippagan. The Branch is also responsible for the management of the New Brunswick Aquarium and Marine Centre.

To provide management of programs and service delivery to the fishery and seafood processing sectors as well as strategic direction with respect to fisheries management approach throughout the province.